Donhad Ethics and Values

Ethics and Values


We have four core values. The first is passion; we have a real passion for our business because it’s our company—its reputation, its brand, its market-leading position. We want every member of the organisation to take pride in that and make a positive difference to our customers and suppliers.

The second value is integrity. Operating in our industry with absolute integrity goes to the heart of Valmont and Donhad. Every member of staff has got to fill out an online integrity questionnaire, so we’re all educated in the principles of fair trade and the associated legislation that goes with that. Our standards are of the highest integrity: we comply with all the relevant legislation in all of the jurisdictions we operate in, be it Australia, Asia, Africa or the Americas. Wherever the legislation applies, we strive to operate within those parameters.

The third value is continuous improvement. We’re looking for continuous improvement in our operations, and that’s actually within Valmont; it’s called ‘the Valmont Way’. The Valmont way is a philosophy that combines lean manufacturing, which is the continual improvement of products and processes, but it is very much aimed at the customer, so the consumer shares the benefits of those improvements in the products they receive from Donhad. And that’s a philosophy that crystallises in lean manufacturing improvement techniques and processes throughout all of our plants nationwide.

The fourth value is delivering results: delivering results to our shareholders and delivering on our promise to all our stakeholders.

 Safety Values

    The safety of our people is our highest priority.
    We will operate as good environmental corporate citizens.

Core Values of the Valmont Way