Easy Out Bolt

Easy-Out Bolt


The patented Easy-Out Bolts are designed to reduce the potential for personal injury, damage to equipment and liner change-out times.

The Easy-Out Bolts design consists of a standard liner bolt which has been modified to be used in conjunction with a specially designed moil fitted to any standard hydraulic or pneumatic hammers. Both the Easy-Out Bolts and moil are custom manufactured and supplied by Donhad to suit your specific requirements.

After removing the nut, the moil is inserted into the bolt end. Without the need to remove recessed or seal washers the bolt can be driven out of the liner and completely clear of the mill shell in one movement. Recent trials at a large copper concentrator have shown that bolt removal time was halved by using Easy-Out Bolts. The positive location between the moil, or drift, and the bolt eliminates the risk of mill damage due to misalignment of hydraulic hammer moils or sledge hammer damage around bolt holes. The use of Easy-Out Bolts also improves safety by removing the need for a man between the hammer and the mill.

The video below highlights the Easy Out Bolt removal process.