Technical Services

Technical Services


Donhad’s team of metallurgists work closely with customers to improve their grinding circuits. Our Donhad Optimiser software can assist with:-

  • Optimal Grinding Ball Size(s) Selection
  • Initial Mill Charge Calculation
  • Mill Power Estimation
  • Mill Throughput Estimation
  • Ball Wear Rate Determination
  • SAG Mill Breakage/Wear Rate Determination
  • SAG Ball Trajectory Analysis
  • Marked Ball Wear Test (MBWT) Analysis
  • Purge Period Calculation
  • Statistical Trial Analysis

In addition Donhad has the capability to model customer milling circuits with industry packages such as JKSimMet® and make observations. Donhad can also work with customers to administer, monitor and analyse breakage and production trials.

Donhad has a NATA accredited laboratory in Perth WA that not only performs a QA/QC function, but can also conduct customer specific product testing.

For more details of our technical service capabilities please contact Donhad.

Lab Technician Using Microscope