Forged Products

Donhad’s Forge Division is recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised fasteners. It manufactures specialised fasteners in plain carbon alloy and stainless steel for use in the mining, oil, and gas, general and civil engineering industries.

All head shapes, lengths, and diameters of forged products are catered for and customised for any requirement. Our machining, heat treatment and technical capabilities complement the forge operation to deliver technical products of the highest integrity.


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We manufacture any batch size and customised designs to suit customer’s needs. Donhad houses its own design and drafting team, which includes AutoCAD™, and Solidworks™ 3D capabilities. Complemented by our in-house technical service team, R&D is one of Donhad’s core competencies.

Equipment includes:

  • 1 – 3 stage 2” Upset forging machine
  • 1 – 4 stage 3” Upset forging machine
  • 1 – 4 stage 4” Upset forging machine
  • Roll Threaders
  • CNC Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Manual lathes
  • Robotic grinding applications.

Raw materials forged include:

  • Carbon steels
  • Alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Sizes ranging from 16mm – 80mm


Additional information can be found in these Technical Bulletins:


Heat Treatment

Donhad’s Heat Treatment facilities cover internal manufacturing process and also have excess capacity for external works and contracts. Our technical services laboratory complements our heat treatment plant, enabling the testing of material properties on site to ensure compliance before despatch.




Click on these following links to find out more about our heat treatment services, including furnace capacities.



Annealing is the process of “softening” steel to make it more ductile and workable. The heat treatment consists of raising the temperature of the steel above the critical temperature and maintaining it until an Austenite or Austenite-Cementite microstructure is...

Case Hardening

Case Hardening (also known as surface hardening) is the process of hardening the surface of an alloy or mild steel whilst preserving an untreated interior. This produces a wear resistant surface while allowing for a soft-ductile core. Donhad utilises...

Stress Relieving

During manufacturing processes, such as machining, cold rolling, and welding, internal stress can form which can be detrimental to the life of the steel component. Stress relieving is the relatively simple process of removing these internal stresses by heating...


A process of annealing, normalising involves heating the steel above the critical temperature and then cooling. The cooling regime for normalising is undertaken in standing air, and therefore cooled at a faster rate to full annealing. Although this is...