Donhad is well aware of the fact that nothing is permanent in this world, neither products nor technology. Day by day, improvements and advances are made in technology, leading to new inventions and innovations in every sphere of life.

Our business model eagerly and robustly embraces opportunities to create, develop and apply innovations, both incremental and disruptive.

In its purest sense, an innovation can be described as a change that adds value to products or services; that fulfills the needs of customers. It is when something new and effective is introduced to the market that fulfills the needs of the customers by delivering better products and services.

An innovation can be an introduction or development of a new product, process, technology, service or improving/redesigning the existing ones that provide solutions to the current market requirements.

We are very proud to be the technical leader for grinding media and fasteners in Australia and around the world. Our customers benefit from our continuous innovation and product development process, technical services and mill optimising capability to reduce their operating costs and increase throughput.


donhad-innovations-dust-mineral-processing-plant      donhad-innovations-crushing-plant


Innovation co-collaboration with our customers

A key differentiator for Donhad in the global grinding media and forge products market is our innovation collaboration approach taken with customers and stakeholders across the global mining value chain. Just a few examples of this are:

  • Pushing the boundaries for grinding media and forged product manufacturing through sustaining innovation and LEAN initiatives, which generate cost and productivity benefits for both our customers and Donhad
  • Leading development in new systems using digital technology and ‘big and smart data’ to optimise the comminution process. Once implemented, this technology would assist in increasing operational efficiency through the optimisation of energy, media consumption and mill throughput
  • In consultation with customers, actively monitoring and cross-correlating grinding media consumption with mill performance to reduce megawatt hours per tonne and maximise grinding efficiency.

In-house research and development for next-generation products

A consistent research and development programme ensures that our product design, material usage, and production processes are at the cutting edge of the global industry. We have a NATA accredited laboratory in Perth, WA, which performs quality control (QC) testing as well as customer-specific product certification and testing. We collaborate with industry partners such as Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC), Austmine, METS Ignited and our global customers which means Donhad advancements are continually independently assessed and are market-focused.


Getting more than just a reline

Whilst attending a reline on a SAG Mill at a major Australian processing plant, Donhad’s engineering team was able...