Getting more than just a reline

Whilst attending a reline on a SAG Mill at a major Australian processing plant, Donhad’s engineering team was able...

Custom Packaging at Donhad

Improve your maintenance efficiencies and make your life easier with our customized ordering and packing system.


Lubricating Bolt Baths

The impact of bolt performance can be costly to maintenance and shutdowns. The lubricating bath is just one of the ways we strive to add value to Donhad’s products.


Tensile Testing to Improve Donhad Laboratory Service Offer

Donhad is excited to announce the arrival of it’s new tensile testing machine with video extensometer.


Bolt Loading & Torque Variables

The purpose of Donhad’s R&D work, focused on bolt load and the correlating torque applied, is aimed primarily at reducing shutdown time associated with sag and ball mills.


Lean Manufacturing in Donhad

Throughout 2013 Donhad has embraced the journey of lean manufacturing and associated work practices.


Easy Release Bolt

Donhad is excited to announce the arrival of its new product: The Easy Release Bolt!


Hobart Mill Operations

Donhad attended the Mill Operators conference in Hobart in October 2012 and exhibited its grinding media and mining fastener product ranges.