Custom Packaging at Donhad

Having the right spares, with the right labels, right where you need them is the key to efficient maintenance. That’s why we strive to make your life easier with our customized ordering and packing system.

  • Want a custom kit made up to ensure you get the right number of nuts, bolts, and washers for your reline every time? No problems!
  • Want your discharge-end bolts painted blue and the shell-end bolts painted red so that your reline crew can get the job done quicker? Too easy!
  • Want the bolts that are going inside the mill packed in a blue crate and the nuts stored outside the mill packed in a red crate? Will do!
  • Want a single order split up and delivered between your mine sites? No worries! Send us your special packing instructions when you place your order and we’ll organize it as you like, free of charge. Just one of the ways Donhad can help you improve your business.

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