Lean Manufacturing in Donhad

Throughout 2013 Donhad has embraced the journey of lean manufacturing and associated work practices. One of the lean concepts is one piece flow, in focus for Donhad to improve customer service through shorter lead times. One piece flow synchronises operational process takt time and pulls products through the line in minimal lead time, one at a time versus in its entire batch size. Although not planned for implementation until 2014, an urgent customer requirement prompted an early trial during November 2013. With a day of planning and clarifying roles and process, 450 liner bolts were despatched in under a week including; machine, forge, roll thread, grind, heat treatment, testing, and packing. Donhad’s vision is one piece flow will form the “way we do things around here” for all orders, big and small. Although a strong belief the lead time can be reduced further, this result was a fantastic sign of the engagement of the Donhad staff in continuous improvement. We are excited about the benefits to our customers in 2014 and forward.

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