Tensile Testing to Improve Donhad Laboratory Service Offer

The Forge division of Donhad manufactures critical fasteners, requiring full traceability of material composition, heat treatment properties, and testing regimes. The Technical Services Laboratory, currently comprising hardness, Charpy impact testing equipment will be enhanced further in April with the arrival of a new 600kN tensile testing machine with video extensometer. Currently, NATA endorsed for hardness testing, our Laboratory is on schedule to achieve NATA endorsement for remaining testing equipment by July 2014. The tensile tester and consequential NATA endorsement provides an improved in-house service to its customers through; control over process, confidence in quality compliance, reduced lead times in service, and greater control over operational planning. Greg Reily, Lab Technician has undertaken training in preparation, and now owns the installation project. The project fits well with Donhad’s review of the entire MDR documentation process; with the objective of creating technical specification compliance, user-friendly and compatible with our customer’s system requirements. Business Improvement Manager, Amir Bahri, has also progressed other 2014 capital initiatives including; tribology equipment to assist in predicting wear rate of grinding media, and a cut off saw assigned to improve grinding media wear testing lead times – to be discussed further in future news.

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