Charpy Impact Testing

The Charpy impact test is a mechanical test method developed by S.B. Russell and G. Charpy around the 1900’s. The purpose of the test is to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a material during impact/fracture. Results obtained can be quantitative (impact energy readings can be used to obtain toughness and yield strength properties of the materials) and qualitative (fracture face can be analysed to provide insight on the ductile/brittle properties of materials).

Donhad employs the use of a JB-300B impact test machine to perform Charpy impact testing, samples used for impact testing are prepared accordingly to AS 1544.1 2003, AS 1544.2 2003 and AS 1544.3 2003. These standards are defined as Charpy Izod, Charpy V-notch and Charpy U-notch and keyhole notch respectively.