Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis is involved with differentiating, identifying and quantifying the chemical composition of elements in materials. Chemical analysis can be performed by spectrometry, microscopy, and X-ray diffraction with each of these branching out into various types. The strength of chemical analysis lies in its ability to obtain chemical compositions with great accuracy, through this it’s possible to differentiate between materials similar in nature but different chemistry wise. Apart from differentiation it can also be used as a tool to confirm the integrity of a known material.

Donhad performs chemical analysis with the aid of an ARL Optical Emission Spectrometer, analysis is fast and accurate. The spectrometer is tailored to analyse LCLA (low carbon low alloy), HCLA (High Chrome Low Alloy) and Cast Iron, results obtained consists of chemical components (Carbon, Silicon, Sulphur, Manganese, Chromium etc.) that make up the given material.