Technical Services

Donhad offers its customers a comprehensive grinding media advisory, manufacturing and supply service. We aim to deliver the best value package to our customers by having a thorough understanding of their processing operations, business performance drivers, and developing key performance measures.

Our technical support team of experienced production metallurgists is focused on achieving the lowest possible cost per tonne of ore ground. Donhad’s trained personnel can assist in mill optimisation with the Donhad Optimiser software and other industry packages, as well as many years of experience in milling operations around the world.

A continual programme of research and development ensures that our material usage and production processes are at the cutting edge of the industry internationally.

Donhad also has a NATA accredited Laboratory in Perth WA and performs QC testing as well as customer specific product testing.


Metallography / Microstructural Examination

Metallography is the study of the structures of metals and alloys. This is commonly performed with the aid of microscopy. Examination of etched structures of metals and alloys at a micro level provides information...

Chemical Analysis

Chemical analysis is involved with differentiating, identifying and quantifying the chemical composition of elements in materials. Chemical analysis can be performed by spectrometry, microscopy, and X-ray diffraction with each of these branching out into...

Hardness Testing

Hardness is defined as the resistance of a material to permanent indentation, deformation or penetration. Hardness testing is often performed via Rockwell, Vickers or Brinell hardness testers. Measurements obtained from hardness testing are empirical...

Charpy Impact Testing

The Charpy impact test is a mechanical test method developed by S.B. Russell and G. Charpy around the 1900’s. The purpose of the test is to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a...

Boltstress Ultrasonics Measurements

Ultrasonic Boltstress is a non-destructive test to measure stress in bolts using ultrasound waves. Application of Boltstress ultrasonics include mills, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, turbines and valves whereby joints are coupled under tension or...